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with Jesus

St VincentSt. Vincent (2015)

Bill Murray playing the role of a saint?! Yes, and not just any old saint. Saint Vincent is a Vietnam vet, a curmudgeon, foul-mouthed liar, gambler, chain-smoking alcoholic. His bank account is overdrawn, and his pregnant girl friend Daka (Naomi Watts) is a Russian stripper. When Maggie (Melissa McCarthy) moves in next door, Vincent baby sits her eleven-year-old son Oliver, but for a fee. Oliver needs a man in his life, since Maggie is divorcing and he gets bullied at school. So, quite naturally, St. Vincent teaches Oliver to fight, takes him to the race track and the local bar, and introduces him to the ways of the world that he knows so well. This self-serving act to earn a few bucks turns into a tender friendship. At his Catholic parochial school, the Jewish Oliver knows just who he'll nominate for his school project called "Saints Among Us." And his reasons for doing so are surprisingly persuasive.

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