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Myanmar's Killing Fields (2018)—MyanmarMyanmar's Killing Fields (2018)—Myanmar

This PBS Frontline documentary begins in the world's largest refugee camp in Bangladesh, where one million Rohingya Muslims (and Hindus) have fled since August of 2017. Beginning in 2012, police and military forces of the Myanmar Buddhist government began a brutal campaign against the Rohingya minority, which they consider terrorists and illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. The atrocities have included the worst sorts of human rights abuses imaginable — torture, mass executions, gang rapes, arson, infanticides, forced ghettos, checkpoints, control of all aspects of life (like shuttered mosques), and forced registrations with the government. The film documents these atrocities in hundreds of secret (and very graphic) videos that were made by small groups of citizen activists, and with interviews with eyewitnesses. The United Nations, the United States, the International Criminal Court, and groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have all agreed that this has been a “textbook case" of ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity, and genocide. A particular frustration has been Aung San Suu Kyi, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (1991), former heroine of human rights, and leader of the government, for her silence and passivity. She refused to allow UN fact finders and journalists into the country, has been defensive, claimed that the accounts of atrocities are fabrications, and that she has limited control over the military. So far, no nations have sanctioned Myanmar. Warning: the videos in this film are extremely graphic.

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