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Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017)Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017)

This Netflix "original documentary" bills itself as a type of cinéma vérité that gives viewers an "unfiltered" view into a year in the life of the famous rock star.  Since the movie is "direct" and unscripted, with no narration, it ends up being patchy. It's fun to see Gaga in the music studio, on a movie set, out in the desert for a video shoot, and rehearsing for her Super Bowl performance, but much less so to see her frying bacon at home or seeing her get her makeup and hair done.  She dishes on her feud with Madonna, explains the pain she experiences from fibromyalgia, and expounds on the power struggle between men and women.  My favorite scene was when she visited her grandmother's house to play the title piece for her album Joanne that was named after her aunt who died at the age of nineteen. I give Gaga credit, especially after watching the music documentary Amy (Winehouse).  World famous at age twenty-one, she says in this film, "I want to grow up and become a woman."  That must be very difficult for a person in her shoes, when everyone wants a part of you.

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