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Robert Plant (2016)Robert Plant (2016)

This one-hour documentary will enjoy a limited but very enthusiastic audience of baby boomers of a certain type, namely, those who came of age listening to Led Zeppelin and their legendary lead singer and lyricist Robert Plant (born 1948).  As with any recorded live concert, the quality of the music can't compete with carefully crafted studio pieces.  Plant, who is now almost 70 years old, and has had a remarkable fifty-year career, sings classics like "Whole Lotta Love," and then newer songs from his ten solo albums and band called the Sensational Space Shifters (which debuted in 2012).  In 2011, Rolling Stone readers ranked Plant the greatest lead singer of all time.  I watched this film on the PBS website, as part of their live music concert series called "Austin City Limits" (which started back in 1976).

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