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Blood on the Mountain (2016)Blood on the Mountain (2016)

This 90-minute film documents the devastating consequences of 150 years of coal mining on the economy, the environment, and the human lives of West Virginia.  Coal fired the American economy in the 1800s, but from the beginning this originated from the corporate control of everything by companies like Massey Energy and Union Carbide — the land, housing, stores, the police, government (like a governor who plead guilty to extortion and went to prison), health care, even the written history of the region.  Miner strikes, labor wars, and revolts are nothing new, as the archival footage of the 1920s shows.  Many hundreds of miners are buried in unmarked graves.  Collective bargaining rights, minimum wage laws, worker safety, and child labor legislation all grew out of the conflicts of the coal industry.  This film reminded me of the best selling book about the Appalachian region Hillbilly Elegy (2016). I watched this film on Netflix streaming.

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