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A Dog's Life (2013)A Dog's Life (2013)

Ever since human beings domesticated dogs about 20,000 years ago, there has been a fascinating inter-species relationship between the two that has raised all sorts of questions.  I watched this little 40-minute film after our family brought home a golden retriever puppy, and after having watched sheep dogs work in England and Wales.  This documentary draws upon numerous animal experts like the evolutionary anthropologist Brian Hare of Duke University to explore what man's best friend can and can't do, as compared, for example, with similar research on rats, pigeons, and monkeys.  Do they have spatial memory?  How do they experience time?  Can they count?  What about their famously sophisticated senses of vision, smell, and hearing?  The film debunks some common myths and misconceptions.  One of the best takeaways from the film is that it appears to be true that dogs really do prefer the company of people more than that of other dogs. This is a great film for family viewing, especially if you are a dog lover.  I watched it on Netflix streaming.

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