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Shut Up and Dance (2016)Shut Up and Dance (2016)

"Shut Up and Dance" is episode 3 in season 3 of the British television series called Black Mirror that debuted in 2011, and that was later made available on Netflix.  A teenager named Kenny experiences a sort of technological bribery that we might all do well to fear.  After his laptop freezes, he begins to get ominous text messages that advise him that if he doesn't obey the ensuing commands, a badly incriminating video that they took of Kenny will be posted to all his contacts.  To prove their point, they show Kenny the said video that was taken by his very own laptop.  Writing in The Atlantic (October 29, 2016), Jeff Vandermeer writes of season three of Black Mirror that "we discover that even in the midst of technological forces beyond our control, the individual is still free — to strive to reject the oppressive, to stop being a hamster on a wheel. And most importantly, succeed or fail, the individual still has the choice to pursue an ethical path over giving in to darkness."  In fact, this fictional episode of Black Mirror has had some comparable tragedies in real life among teenagers like Kenny (cf. Audrie Pott). The series has drawn comparisons to The Twilight Zone, with their ominous explorations of our "techno-paranoia."  To date there have been 13 episodes, each of which is about 45 to 90 minutes long.

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